Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Day 1

December18th 2013, 1PM
Today's song - Be OK by Ingrid Michaelson

Today's word - intoxicated; to have toxic content laced in one's blood. People can be physically and emotionally intoxicated, through alcohol or poison, or love or anger.

Today's color - red velvet, the color I dyed my hair yesterday.

Tomorrow is the company Christmas party and I'm so excited to dress up all fancy. I rarely get the chance. However, I wish my friend didn't have to work that day. It's kind of a bummer. Along with the fact that the other employee that has her shift during the party is pissed off at me for not taking over for her... too much drama for me. I can't stand that. Then, my work gave her my number without telling me, so she called me all pissed off.. uggggggggh.

Oh well though. I'm just going to smile through it. I want to party too, lady..

Other than that, I feel very pretty today and happy about my new food stamps card. I bought a ton of groceries yesterday! He he. I can't wait to go to work and joke around with my coworkers. :3

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